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                      Medal of Honor

                      Honoring service members whose courage merited the awarding of a Medal of Honor, this docudrama series re-creates their inspiring true stories.
                      Starring:Oliver Hudson, Ben Schwartz, Paul Wesley
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                      Medal of Honor


                      Medal of Honor

                      Season 1
                      Watch Sylvester Antolak. Episode 1 of Season 1.

                      Pinned down by heavy enemy fire in a field near Cisterna, Italy, in 1944, U.S. Army Sgt. Sylvester Antolak leads a charge that becomes legendary.

                      Watch Clint Romesha. Episode 2 of Season 1.

                      Outgunned and outmanned during an attack on a remote Afghanistan outpost in 2009, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Clint Romesha leads an improbable defense.

                      Watch Edward Carter. Episode 3 of Season 1.

                      Relegated to the rank of private due to institutional racism in WWII, experienced soldier Edward Carter single-handedly cripples an enemy stronghold.

                      Watch Hiroshi "Hershey" Miyamura. Episode 4 of Season 1.

                      Resorting to hand-to-hand combat, Hershey Miyamura covers the retreat of his men as waves of Chinese soldiers overrun his position in the Korean War.

                      Watch Vito Bertoldo. Episode 5 of Season 1.

                      Declared 4-F due to poor eyesight, Vito Bertoldo later joins the U.S. Army anyway and ends up halting an enemy advance alone at the front lines.

                      Watch Joseph Vittori. Episode 6 of Season 1.

                      During a vicious nighttime battle in Korea, U.S. Marine Joe Vittori rotates between machine gun nests, making the enemy think it faces a larger force.

                      Watch Richard L. Etchberger. Episode 7 of Season 1.

                      His radar station besieged by Vietnamese troops, Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger is exposed to enemy fire while his comrades evacuate.

                      Watch Ty M. Carter. Episode 8 of Season 1.

                      U.S. Army Specialist Ty Carter's bravery while wounded and under fire earns him the second Medal of Honor awarded for a Taliban attack in 2009.

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